Save 12% on 4- and 5-star hotels across the world each time you book $49 for a $350 Luxury Hotel Cash Card Powered by Priceline Partner Network

Marketing & Promotions International Inc
Value $350
Discount 86%
You Save $301
The deal is over
Ending: 00:00:00

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  • Choose from over 50,000 hotels nationwide to travel the world.
  • Online booking and no blackout dates make reservations swift and simple.
  • Choose from 4 and 5 star hotels for international luxury.


Why You Should Go:
You’ve always kept up with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, who’s in, what’s hot and where to go. Follow along in person with a $350 Luxury Hotel Cash Card powered by Priceline Partner Network, allowing you to book and save hotels and resorts all over the globe, just like the upper crust.

What You Should Know: The Luxury Hotel Cash Card works like a debit card. You start with your face amount, and every time you book a room you get 12% of the room cost as a savings, which is deducted from your card, leaving you with a balance in your account to use another time. You may also transfer all or part of your balance to a friend, and receive 20% back.

Why You'll Love It: With no blackout dates and easy-to-book online reservations (available 24/7), planning a vacation is a snap. Once you redeem, credit appears in your account on the site, giving you steep discounts on hotel rooms. You can put your saved cash towards extravagances like champagne in Paris, limos in London, and cocktails in the Caribbean. 

Fine Print

  • Buy as many vouchers as you’d like.
  • No blackout dates.
  • Valid for discounts of 12% increments.
  • Register the certificate online at before use.
  • Share your card and get 20% back. Values are transferable at no cost.
  • No expiration on cash after Hotel Cash Card is registered.
  • Limit of one (1) certificate per hotel per visit.
  • Valid for one or more nights
  • Value of the voucher can be redeemed over multiple visits.
  • Unredeemed certificates not valid toward purchase at hotels.
  • No minimum spend requirements online hotel rates vary and are subject to change.
  • Please read all the Hotel Cash Card FAQs before purchase.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other deals.

About Marketing & Promotions International Inc

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Redemption Instructions:

  • Please visit, activate your card and start searching for your hotels. 
  • Each time you book a hotel, you will receive 12% off your room rate.
  • Promotional value expires and card must be redeemed within 12 months from date of purchase.