$7 for a three-pack of tangle-free BUDs ($10 value) 30% off from Nevertangled.com

Hard Part USA
Value $10
Discount 30%
You Save $3
The deal is over *Limited Quantity
Ending: 00:00:00
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  • Keep your earbuds untangled at all times.
  • The BUD holds cords in place without pinching them and causing damage.
  • Each purchase includes three BUDs.


Why You'll Love It: It’s a problem as old as time. Well, really it’s just a problem as old as earbuds. Unless they’re always in your ears or you have OCD, your earbuds will inevitably find themselves in a tangled mess. Fortunately the folks at Nevertangled.com have come up with the Best Untangling Device, or BUD, the cheap, easy way to keep your earbuds organized.

What You Should Know: The tiny, flexible BUD holds your earbuds in place with soft slots for the primary cord as well as each individual earbud. The BUD holds earbuds gently, ensuring that they don’t endure the stress and damage that pinches or wraps can cause. Next time you hesitate to throw your earbuds in your pocket or in the drawer, rest easy with the BUD.

Fine Print

  • Purchase up to 2 vouchers per person and 2 more as gifts.
  • Item will be drop shipped after entering address at checkout; shipping is included.
  • All sales are final; not valid for returns or refunds.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other deals.

Redemption Instructions
Enter Shipping Information at Purchase. You will receive your order in 14 days from purchase. Promotional value expires on 12/31/2014.