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The Clicker Company
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  • Universal remote control is programmed with 800 factory pre-sets and is compatible with nearly every major cable package and satellite dish box.
  • With just a snap you can pop open any beer bottle.
  • Featured on the ESPY Awards and the MTV Music Awards.


Why You Should Buy:
Some people frown on couch potatoes. You don’t associate with such people. Your habit of TV-watching, snack-munching, and thirst-quenching is a lazy weekend lifestyle, and you’re always looking for improvements. Meet: The Clicker. Part remote control, part bartender – all perfection. 

Your Clicker: Programmed with over 800 factory pre-sets to work with nearly every major cable package and satellite dish boxes, this remote can control up to 8 devices. With a snap, you can open brown, green, and clear bottles (for those times when an ice is needed) and is engineered to withstand case after case (after case) of openings and channel surfings.

What You Should Know: Featured at the 2011 ESPY Awards and the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, this universal remote can control any cable package you have while controlling your thirst. Couch potato time has officially been perfected. 

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