Magazine subscriptions and books for animal-loving kids Up to 52% off at Zoobooks

Wildlife Education Ltd
Value $30
Discount 50%
You Save $15
from $15
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50% off a 1-Year Subsciption to Zoobooks, Zootles or Zoobies with Poster & Animal Stickers (Value $30)
52% off One of Two Zoobooks Read, Post & Play Sets (Value $52)
50% off One of Two Zoobooks Collection (Value $50)
The deal is over
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  • Grab Zoobooks for ages 6-12, Zootles for ages 2-6, or Zoobies for ages 0-3. You'll also get bonus animal stickers and a poster with each subscription.


Why You Should Grab:
While videos of Dora and the Wiggles keep the kids busy, there's only so much time they can spend staring at the boob tube. When non-electronic entertainment is needed, expand their minds to the wonderful world of wildlife with books and magazine from Zoobooks.

What to Choose:

  • $15 for a One-Year Subsciption to Zoobooks, Zootles or Zoobies with Poster & Animal Stickers ($30 value)

  • $25 for Zoobooks Dino Read, Post & Play Set or Zoobooks Whales & Dolphins Read, Post & Play Set ($52 value)

  • $25 for Zoobooks Animal Anatomy Collection or Zootles Story Time Collection ($50 value)

Why Your Wee One Will Love It: Jam-packed with colorful pictures, fun articles, exciting games, and facts, each ad-free issue of Zoobooks and Zootles or information-packed book opens up your little ones' minds to the wild spectrum of species in the animal kingdom.

What They'll Read: Covering topics like animal anatomy, native habitats, how animals socialize and reproduction habits, each article and book is easy to understand, fun to read and strengthens their vocabulary. These highly interactive magazines and books have everything from pullout sections featuring puzzles to fun graphics to read-a-long activities.

Fine Print

  • Only 3 per animal-loving customer and buy unlimited for your friends.
  • Limit one voucher per redemption.
  • Zoobooks is ideal for ages 6-12, Zootles for ages 3-6, and Zoobies for ages 0-3.
  • Cannot be redeemed on general Zoobooks website. Must use special link.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other deals.

About Wildlife Education Ltd

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Redemption Instructions:

  • For package 1, please visit
  • For package 2, please visit 
  • For package 3, please visit
  • Fill out your shipping information and voucher number in the ‘coupon code’ field. 
  • Your voucher will not work on the general Zoobooks website.
  • Promotional value expires 6/30/13.